Smokey eyes…out of fashion?

No way! Fashion trends, including hair and makeup, come & go but this one is here to stay. Smokey eyes have been around for centuries, just ask Cleopatra. She used coal to line her seductive eyes. Achieving a smokey eye is one of the most difficult makeup techniques mostly because of how many options there are for dressing your eyes!

The best way to begin your eye adventure is to select your color. Typically one chooses neutrals (grey, black, brown, taupe, etc..), however, help yourself. Prime your eyes with concealer or primer, place your brush on your lid and apply. Moving the brush from left to right or up and down blends and patting the color onto the lid builds color. Keeping that in mind, blend or build. Use an emollient pencil and line to bottom of your eye up and around the entire eye. Build smoke color on the pencil liner and smudge.

If you’d like, you can highlight the brow bone with a lighter concealer for a matte effect or a shimmer for a bit more of a pop! Play with it, there are no rules other than making sure it’s right-n-tight!

Keep posted for more makeup tips!



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