The Truth About Keratin Treatments

There are so many stories out there from client to client telling me how glorious to how wretched these treatments have been for their frizzy, hard to manage hair. Just as many stories about that is as much about health concerns which are understandably a huge concern. Cancer with your gorgeous hair?

Here’s the truth….

Keratin treatments are not that bad. Some are not bad at all. Don’t lose any more sleep.

For years OSHA has had their heads in the clouds about certain treatments. Brazilian blowouts, keratin treatments, etc…there are so many names are pretty similar in chemical composition and effect. Just recently have they taken the health concerns seriously. By law, a company is allowed to use 0.02% formaldehyde in a product to be legal. Some products, Brazilian Blowout for example, had been batch tested and had 23%, 18%, 14%, form in their product. Obviously this could inherently cause health hazards to the client and the technician. Brazilian Blowout got sued for close to 6 million bucks last year.

In some products, there are formaldehyde- like substances called aldehydes. These substances act like formaldehyde when the flat iron passes over the hair strands and is in the vapor released from the heat. It acts as a preservative and it’s what causes the product to work and last. You just have to ask your stylist what product they use and if you want a form-free, simply ask for it. Usually, the day after wash has form in it. If you wash your hair after two or three days then you can rest assure there is no form in it. Your choice.

I use Lasio One Day, Tropic, and Kerasmooth by BioIonics. I love them all. I get great results from them and they are safe.

If I have not answered your questions, feel free to ask away.




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